The Walking Dead—despite having a, pardon the pun, killer premise (zombie apocalypses never get old), the first two seasons of the popular AMC program have been frustratingly uneven.  For every wonderful or shocking moment (little zombie girls, the hero becoming a bit of a fascist) there are about 50 annoying plot contrivances (“hey, let’s wander off into the forest full of walking, cannibalistic corpses today, just for the hell of it!” or “let’s spend a whole episode trying to pull a zombie out of a water well, because who wouldn’t want to drink water out of a well that’s held a rotting corpse that’s infected with a virus?”).

For many, season three is going to be the make it or break season, where the show either grows up and moves beyond such sloppy devices, or it will continue to stumble around in the dark, in desperate need of brains.

And, if the trailer is any indication, season three of The Walking Dead might actually be, well, good.  That’s right, actually good.  The trailer is pretty exciting and engrossing, as the characters stumble upon a prison run by a mysterious and foreboding man.  And while it looks like our group of survivors, just like in season two, will be stuck in one primary location, at least this time it’s a spooky jail, and not a freaking farm.  Check it out:

Pretty good, right?  The Walking Dead is set to premiere on October 14th on AMC.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: Coming Soon