Andy finds out he’s related to someone rather famous in the latest episode of The Office. Regardless if that particular storyline works or not, viewers will be happy to know there are laughs to be found in episode three.

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The Players:

  • Director: David Rogers
  • Writers: Jonathan Green & Gabe Miller
  • Cast: Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Creed Bratton, Ellie Kemper, Angela Kinsey, Paul Lieberstein, Oscar Nuñez, Craig Robinson, Phyllis Smith, Clark Duke, Jake Lacy, B.J. Novak

Episode Title: “Andy’s Ancestry”

Andy flaunts his genealogy when he discovers he’s related to a certain First Lady. Meanwhile, Darryl struggles in his new role as Assistant Regional Managerp; Dwight teaches Erin a new language; and Nellie tries to persuade Pam that Jim’s having an affair.

The Good:

  • Cold Open Fun: The Asian Jim joke on Dwight opened things up on a high note. Pam’s kiss definitely helped seal the deal.
  • Speaking of Dwight: He mostly carried the episode, along with Erin and their Game of Thrones/Dothraki language lessons. Add in the obvious crush Pete has on Erin and it was a rather likable storyline.
  • Angela & Meredith: The moment lasted maybe five seconds, but Angela telling Meredith she’s scaring her when Meredith was chopping at her with her hand after being told she was related to Lizzy Borden was maybe the best part of the night. It’s all in Angela’s delivery. Excellent.
  • Clapping: The new guys clapping for Andy had to have drummed up a few laughs, yes?
  • Jim & Darryl: A nice scene between the two which helped to finally push Jim to tell Pam about the job.
  • More Hmmm….: Yet another clue in the Erin and Pete possible romance: Pete’s Dothraki  ‘goodbye’ to Erin in the parking lot.
  • Best Line: Andy takes the prize with his comment to Jim: “Right now I need canned tuna.”

The Bad:

  • Politics: The entire Andy/Michelle Obama/genealogy storyline was boring. Not sure if the writers were determined to drop the First Lady into the episode, someway, somehow, but ultimately it delivered only a few chuckles, such as  Kevin changing Andy’s cell ring tone to “Dixie.” They could have chosen any number of famous ladies – alive or dead – to be a distant relative of Andy’s, resulting in a slightly tweaked storyline, but they decided the Mrs. Obama/Andy’s family maybe owned slaves route was the way to go.
  • Nellie: Still rather annoying. Didn’t buy for a second her telling Pam that Jim just might be having an affair. It didn’t ring true.
  • Jim’s Job: So Pam is bummed Jim waited awhile to tell her about his new job? It’s being set up to cause a rift, obviously, a roadblock the two must fight through before the show ends and they can live happily ever after. But it feels slight. Would she really be that sad about Jim being nervous and waiting to tell her what’s up?


And so begins the next chapter of “Jim and Pam: Love In Crisis (Kinda)”. Jim spills it about the job, but now Pam is saddened he kept it from her. The rest of “Andy’s Ancestry” was decent, but nothing extra special to speak of that requires a second viewing on DVR. The Dwight/Erin storyline lead the way, but the Andy/Michelle Obama stuff felt forced, and it’s difficult to tell what Nellie is doing. The new guys shined in their clapping scenes, and here’s hoping new hire Pete keeps pursuing Erin, because that’s a possible storyline worth watching. Three episodes in and the show is at least showing some fight as they look ahead to wrapping it all up.


Rating: 6/10

The Office airs on NBC at 9pm (ET/PT) on Thursday nights.

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