While the first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln biopic featured Daniel Day-Lewis in a haze of weepy and maudlin Oscar-bait shots, accompanied by appropriately portentous music, the new Lincoln trailer that aired last night during the first presidential debate of the 2012 race is pretty fiery.  In fact, it was far more impressive and inspiring than watching Romney’s tightly-wound smile and flip-flopping or listening to Obama stammer through a series of nigh-incomprehensible budgetary footnotes.  This trailer actually feels as if it’s about a human being, rather than the holy saint portrayed in the first ad.

It was a smart PR move to debut the new trailer during the debate, as both Romney and Obama continued to disappoint, yet Daniel Day Lewis came off as the president we wish we could have.  Add to that the fact that we get several new scenes—including a high amount of Sally Field as Lincoln’s wife, Mary, as well as some Civil War battles—and Lincoln suddenly went from staid film we’ll dutifully see just become Spielberg directed and Daniel Day Lewis is in it, and became a must-see film this winter.

So there you go.  Not bad, huh?  As of right now, Daniel Day Lewis has my vote.

Lincoln will have a limited release on November 9, and goes wide on November 16.

What did you think of the trailer?