Seeing as how Jason Statham is contractually obligated to churn out exactly 2.5 action films per year, it’s time for the trailer for Parker, his newest action flick in which he portrays—get this, you guys!—a gruff, grizzled and brooding anti-hero who straddles both sides of the law while ultimately fighting for good and winning the heart of a lovely lady, all while beating the everloving hell out of the bad guys.  So, ok, it’s not exactly a stretch for Statham, but hey, he wears a cowboy hat and a priest disguise in this one, so that’s some variation on the theme.  I guess.

Parker is the story of, well, Parker, the badass thief with a heart of semi-gold, created by crime writer Richard Stark.  Parker has appeared in film previously (example: the deliriously crazed, phantasmagoric and brilliant crime film Point Blank, and the ‘meh, let’s kill a Sunday afternoon’ Mel Gibson vehicle Payback).  And, as is the case with just about every Parker film, the master thief finds himself double-crossed by the thugs he works with, and thus sets himself on a course for bloody vengeance.

The press release for the film notes that Parker tracks the baddies down in Palm Peach while in disguise as a rich Texan, where he teams up with Jennifer Lopez, “a savvy insider, who’s short on cash, but big on looks, smarts and ambition.”  Try not to choke while reading that last sentence.

It’s all pretty boilerplate Statham stuff—looks like it wasn’t too expensive to produce, there’s some wacky action, some cars driving fast, Statham kicks some stuff, there’s an obligatory romance, and some generic B-movie baddies.  But hey, these films keep making back their modest budgets, and likely do well on DVD and Netflix, so what can you do? (Actually you can skip this nonsense and watch Point Blank)

What do you think of the Parker trailer?

Source:  /Film