It’s been a long road for Gore Verbinski’s  Johnny Depp / Armie Hammer-starring update of The Lone Ranger Horror stories of an out of control production, control freak director, and massive budget overruns have seemingly made the film appear to be the prototypical mainstream Hollywood bloatfest.  However, recent pictures from the film have begun to generate buzz, and there’s actually some anticipation concerning the film’s trailer debut on Wednesday.  And now we have the poster, which isn’t terrible.

Fairly minimalist for what has reportedly been a wildly over the top production, the poster more or less splashes some paint on Johnny Depp’s eyes and calls it a day.  Of note is the fact that this is an ad for a film about the Lone Ranger, and said Ranger (Hammer) appears absolutely nowhere on the one-sheet, lending credence to the rumors that the film will be about Tonto the sidekick’s more heroic exploits (think Big Trouble in Little China, but with, you know, cowboys).  There is, however, a reference to wearing a mask, just like the Lone Ranger wears, so hey, there’s that.

Beyond that… um, let’s see…oh, hey, the poster’s scrawled on a wooden wall.  Just like they used to advertise Hollywood blockbusters in the wild west, right?

The Lone Ranger is set for a July 3, 2013 release.

What do you think of the poster?

Source: Cinema Blend