Get this—Seth MacFarlane, creator of such animated fare as Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show, as well as the director and writer of the surprise hit Ted, has been named as the host of the 85th Annual Academy Awards telecast next February.  Because if there’s one thing the Oscars need, it’s a series of inorganic and disconnected pop culture references that culminate in something disconcertingly Simpsons-esque but, you know, not funny.

That’s right, on February 24, 2013, the top American awards ceremony for recognizing the highest excellence in cinema will be hosted by the guy who made Family Guy and Ted (yeah, I know Ted was a hit, but come on).  It’s something of a shift for the Oscars, as the host is typically a more well-established household name (Billy Crystal, Jon Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Steven Martin, Chris Rock, etc); while MacFarlane is certainly gaining in popularity (he recently hosted SNL as well), this seems more of an attempt at appearing hip and relevant with the kids.

Oscar producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, prompted to say something banal and nice for the PR release, had this to say:

We are thrilled to have Seth MacFarlane host the Oscars. His performing skills blend perfectly with our ideas for making the show entertaining and fresh. He will be the consummate host, and we are so happy to be working with him.

So there you have it.  Somewhere, Billy Crystal’s head is exploding.

What do you think of the Oscar news?

Source: /Film