Though The Amazing Spider-Man did solid business, netting about $750 million in worldwide ticket, it still fell far short of expectations—fan expectations, critical expectations, even box office expectations (though $750 million is a massive amount of money, when considering how much money went into the film, coupled with what the other two big superhero films of the summer made, it could have fared far better).  That said, Sony’s invested in the rebooted franchise now, and will have to see it to the end, meaning that an Amazing Spider-Man 2 is inevitable.  But what has been unclear is whether or not Mark Webb, director of the first film, would return for the second.

Things were especially hazy, as /Film notes, because Fox Searchlight had a deal with Webb that could have precluded the director from returning from the franchise.  Further, some speculated that Sony would go with a new director for a fresh approach to the franchise.

However, news broke today that Webb, along with the already-returning Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, will be coming back to make the second Amazing Spider-Man film.  James Vanderbilt wrote the screenplay; Alex Kurtzman/ Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinker are currently rewriting it.  The film is set for a May 2, 2014 release.

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Source: /Film