After four months away, ABC’s Revenge is ready to return. The last few episodes lacked the show’s usual commitment, but that hasn’t deterred fans. The new season is the perfect opportunity to right some wrongs. There are five huge secrets that need to be aired out. We want answers and we want them now!

5. What Other Atrocities Have the Graysons Committed?


This isn’t the most defined query, but it’s the most logical. Not only did the Graysons fund terrorism, they pinned it on an innocent man. A man that happened to be the love of Victoria Grayson’s life. Oh, and the father of her second child. When you’re willing to cross those kinds of lines, nothing is out of the realm of possibility. No matter which member of the family is guilty, you can be certain her withering glare will be at the center. We’ve all been missing Victoria’s patented glower.

4. Where Did Amanda Go and Whose Baby is She Carrying?


Amanda previously disappeared the night Tyler was killed. But her resurgence in the finale gave viewers pause for more than one reason. First, there’s the gigantic bulge in her stomach that put the kibosh on Emily and Jack’s happiness. It’s generally considered in poor taste to question the paternity of a baby, but look at who we’re dealing with. Remember, this wasn’t the first time she briefly left the scene. There’s no telling who else could lay claim to that bundle of joy. Secondly, there’s the actual abduction. Sure, Satoshi Takeda took her, but when did he release the kraken? And what did she get into before heading back to the Hamptons?

3. Who is Aiden?


Over the summer, we learned Barry Sloane was cast in the role of Aiden Mathis. All we know about the character is that he’s a mystery man from Emily’s past. We could probably rule out her childhood, but that still leaves her delinquent youth and journey towards vengeance. The training, the studies, the practice — that calm steely look doesn’t come from nowhere. The real question is: Can he be trusted, or is he another enemy? Veterans of Revenge know better than to take anyone at face value. Be it friend or foe, watching Emily interact with someone else from her past is sure to be entertaining.

2. What is The Initiative?


Victoria has the know-how to manipulate anyone and any situation, but Conrad isn’t exactly top drawer. Finding out there were people behind the scenes pulling the strings made much more sense. But who is The Initiative? The only thing we know is that The White Haired Man is in their employ, and terrorism is their cup of tea. Beyond that the possibilities are endless. Just like the Graysons, there’s no telling how many crimes bear their signature. Anything The Initiative is involved in is sure to be on a grand scale. Somehow those crafty writers will find a way to tie Emily to their shenanigans. Their malicious actions will spice up the Hamptons, and make for thrilling television.

1. What Kept Emily’s Mom Out of Her Life?


David Clarke was a loving father. But any tidbits about Emily/Amanda’s life before they moved to the Hamptons has been absent from the narrative. Where has Emily’s mother been? And what fresh hell will this toss our heroine into? If one thing’s for sure, whatever kept her away wasn’t good. Is it possible the downtrodden martyr David had something to do with it? ABC revealed this summer that Jennifer Jason Leigh snagged the role of the missing maternal figure. Leigh is known for her roles in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Single White Female, and most recently Showtime’s Weeds. She’s got the acting chops to give Madeleine Stowe a run for her money.

Revenge premieres Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Which secret do you want revealed on this season of Revenge?