For those waiting impatiently for the next adventure of James Bond, there’s some good news. Skyfall, which hits theaters in America November 9, will be coming to Imax screens a day earlier. So you can thrill to Daniel Craig‘s latest adventure on a much bigger screen before everyone else on November 8 – or at least before most other Americans.

This news comes from the official James Bond Twitter account, so you know it’s got to be true. But for those stateside, we’ll still be about two weeks behind the rest of the world, as it opens in England October 25. And to get even more excited, here’s the latest international TV spot, which gives us a look at Ralph Fiennes, and many of the stunts that make up the film.

This is a big year – cinematically speaking – for Bond as his first on screen adventure Dr. No premiered fifty years ago. That’s why there’s a new James Bond box set that hit this week, and probably why the next month will feature a lot of Bond talk, and re-evaluation of his relative worth. Like any franchise, there’s some great films, and more than a number of bad ones, but audiences have been coming back for more for generations. We know we’ll be in line for the latest.

Do you think this new one will be more Goldfinger or more Die Another Day?