Well, it’s almost October again, so you know what that means: time for another dirt-cheap film starring a host of low-paid unknowns, featuring a lot of conveniently staged and shot found footage of blankets being pulled and doors being slammed… real hard.  And then that weird ch-ching ch-ching noise in the background as the studio rakes in a ton of cash.  That’s right: it’s time for a new Paranormal Activity film.  The first one had a video camera, the second one had home security surveillance, the third had a VHS camcorder, and the fourth has a spooky X-Box Kinect.  Yes, really.  Just watch the trailer.

Like the first trailer for the film, a good chunk of this newest ad is given over to vapid teen conversation, punctuated by a few jump scenes—look, that blanket is moving!  Look, that door just shut!  Look, it’s a creepy kid!  Look, the X-Box is on!—and a lot of unusually artfully framed webcam shots.  But hey, these movies make back a ton of money, so we’re pretty much doomed to keep seeing them every year until the ghost of the series finally takes Manhattan or goes into space and the audiences dwindle.  Dig it:

Like the third film, Paranormal Activity 4: You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Money X-Box Gave Us For Product Placement was helmed by directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who made their names with Catfish, the is-this-a-documentary-or-not release of 2010.   Paranormal Activity 4 is set for an October 19th release.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: Bloody Disgusting (via /Film)