Ruben Fleischer made a splash with his first feature Zombieland. His follow-up, 30 Minutes or Less, failed to impress some people, but to us it was exactly what a summer movie should be – a fun escape. Now that the director is patiently waiting for the release of Gangster Squad, set to hit theaters in January, he’s signed on to helm Spy Hunter, the 1983 arcade game, for Warner Bros.

Spy Hunter has been floating around for a long, long time. Universal first got the film rights from Midway Games in 2003. At some point, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was attached to star and John Woo was set to helm the project. Due to conflicting schedules, Woo left the project in 2005 and was replaced by Paul W.S. Anderson, who, in turn, also left the project for Death Race.

In 2009, Warner Bros. bought the rights for $33 million and got Chad St. John to write a screenplay. Fleischer, who will also serve as executive producer, will most likely bring in someone else to write or rewrite the screenplay.

Spy Hunter has been described as a movie that centers around a spy/assassin trained to eliminate rogue government agents. The plot does sound like everything else we’ve heard of, but maybe Fleicher’s take will be fresh and funny, as he’s proven in the past.

What do you think? Will Spy Hunter finally get made?

Source: /Film, Sci-Fi Pulse