Well, the Ghostbusters drama continues.  As the drawn-out saga of Ghostbusters 3 is still playing out (Bill Murray won’t do it!  Wait, he might now!  Oh, nevermind, he’s not doing it.) and annoying everyone (who wants another Ghostbusters sequel after the mind-numbing bleh of Ghostbusters II, anyway?), Ivan Reitman seems to be saying, essentially, ‘screw it, I’ll just remake the original.’  Because that won’t alienate, you know, everyone.

In a recent interview with Collider (via The AV Club), Reitman was questioned about Ghostbusters III, and where the project was.  This prompted a rather oblique answer from the director, who responded with:

I think Ghostbusters probably should be remade, if we can get it all right.  We’re working on it, so we’ll see.

While that is a relatively tossed-off statement, it does seem indicative of Reitman’s mindset, which is to bail on Ghostbusters III.  According to comments Bill Murray has made in the past, Ghostbusters III would begin with the old team hiring new members, and would be a launching pad for a new batch of sequels starring the new team.  It seems that now, Reitman is more or less ditching the first half of that idea, and pushing for a straight reboot of the franchise with an all new team.  Which, well, stinks.

Should Reitman just leave the franchise alone?