For those of you who never can have enough Coen brothers in your life—and that should be all of you, by the way—your day just got a little brighter, or at the very least, more interesting.    Somewhere, somehow, MGM has convinced Joel and Ethan Coen to sign off on TV series spin-off of their 1996 classic film, Fargo.  You may now begin saying “Yeah?”  “Oh, yeah, then,” in flat, Midwestern accents.

In 1997, a pilot starring Edie Falco (taking over Frances McDormand’s role of police chief Marge Gunderson) was filmed, without the Coen brothers’ involvement, and went nowhere.  Now, though, the mercurial brothers will be executive producing a new Fargo spin-off series set to air on FX, and will be “loosely based” upon the original film, according to Deadline (via /Film).  The series will be written/ executive produced by Noah Hawley (creator of My Generation and The Unusuals).

How MGM convinced Joel and Ethan Coen to sign off on this is unclear (not that they needed to—MGM owns Fargo), nor is it known if the title of executive producers is more or less honorary, indicating that the Coens have given the go-ahead but won’t plan on being directly involved.  What is known, however, is that it will air on FX.  FX is becoming something akin to AMC’s rowdier little brother—the FX has nipping at the Mad Men/ Breaking Bad/ The Walking Dead network’s heals for years with such wild TV dramas as The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, and Nip/Tuck.

Also known is that Fargo seems to be the latest entry to MGM’s expanding collection of TV shows based on one of their previous film titles—MTV’s Teen Wolf, anyone? (shudder)

Fargo the film centered around a hapless used car salesman who contracted two thugs to kidnap his wife in order to force his father-in-law to cough up a hefty ransom, all while a very pregnant police chief becomes ever-closer to honing in on his scheme.  No word yet on whether this will be an overarching plot in the series (a la Twin Peaks’ Laura Palmer mystery), or if the series will be more of an episodic “gee, isn’t this town wacky?” type series.

What do you think of a Fargo TV series?