Jennifer Lawrence in a tank top is enough. Enough to win a weak weekend, at least for right now. The horror movie House at the End of the Street had enough interest to tie with End of Watch, beat back Trouble with the Curve and decimate Dredd. Full numbers ahoy.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 House at the End of the Street
$13,000,000 $4,217 $13,000,000
2 End of Watch $13,000,000 $4,762 $13,000,000
3 Trouble With the Curve $12,720,000 $3,960 $12,720,000
4 Finding Nemo 3D $9,446,000 (-43.4) $3,253 $29,979,000
5 Resident Evil: Retribution $6,700,000 (-68.2)
$2,221 $33,468,000
6 Dredd $6,300,000 $2,514 $6,300,000
7 The Master $5,000,000 (+579.1) $6,345 $6,059,000
8 The Possession $2,630,000 (-54.4) $1,012 $45,650,000
9 Lawless $2,321,000 (-46.6) $888 $34,512,000
10 ParaNorman $2,297,000 (-25.7) $1,421 $52,566,000

With such a tight cluster near the top, that means when actuals come in it’s anyone’s guess. It’s possible that Curve could surge Sunday and take the crown. This has to be a big win for the #Hates team as House at the End of the Street is currently in the top slot, and should be able to get over $30 Million. That would be enough to get the movie profitable, and could keep Jennifer Lawrence working. Wait, what? She’s booked for the next year and change? Shock. Horror. But it bespeaks the lameness of the weekend that it’s just clinging to that spot, as End of Watch could also pass it when all is said and done.

You’d think Clint Eastwood would be enough, but obviously he isn’t. Curve isn’t an awards contender, and it looks like it will quietly disappear. In that sense it’s possible that the Chair speech really did hurt this movie. Otherwise, The Master expanded well enough, though it’s hard to say how much further it will go, and if it can get to – say – $30 Million. Roger Ebert gave it a mixed review, and though I know people who are obsessed with the movie, it’s definitely not for everyone. And the wider it goes the more it may be hurt by mixed responses. The 70mm prints are going to be a boon for big movie fans, but with many locations showing it digitally or on 35mm, it can only help so much.

Dredd. Well. Yeah. Sorry.

Reality check: I knew this weekend was going to be lame, so it’s harder to know what might catch people’s fancy. And so I was horribly wrong, and for that I apologize.

What did you watch this weekend?