This fall brings the end of the Twilight series as it was originally conceived. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is the last of the material that author Stephenie Meyer wrote in her book cycle, and what was a four book franchise has been turned into five films. But everyone wants more. And maybe they’ll get it.

Talking to Kellan Lutz, The Insider got the Twilight star to reveal that director Bill Condon told him to stay through the end credits. He said ”They’re gonna love it, and Bill even told me that, stay for the credits- there’s a really special thing happening.” Perhaps we’ll get a chance to see Bella (Kristen Stewart) Edward (Robert Pattinson), Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and Renesemee (Mackenzie Foy) eating some shawarma, or perhaps Samuel L. Jackson will show up to recruit Team Jacob. There are so many options for jokes. Lutz also mentions that Condon made the ending of the novel a little more cinematic, as the book version creates a big build up to a fight that is avoided.

It’s hard to say what’s in the end credits sequence, but this much is certain: the franchise has been a cash cow, and the studio really wants to continue the adventures in some way. Perhaps Condon’s last moment is part of either continuing or restarting the story. With Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship troubles front page news, it’s unlikely they’ll want to return for more, but money is money.

How would you continue the Twilight franchise?