Oh, Lego, is there anything you can’t do?  Building entire cities, vehicles, superhero lairs, etc.  It seems like there’s nothing you can’t do…and that includes leaking huge plot spoilers to some pretty major upcoming superhero films.

Warning: Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel plot spoilers below.

Earlier this year, Zack Snyder debuted footage from Man of Steel, his 2013 film entry into the Superman canon.  And while Michael Shannon has gone on the record stating that he will portray Superman villain General Zod (as in, “KNEEEEEEL BEFORE ZOD” in Superman II), Snyder was still cagey and evasive when asked to confirm that Zod would be the film’s primary Big Bad.  We already know that Zod is in the film, as well as his female cohort, Faora, so why would Snyder be so slippery?  Could it be another villain is in the works for the film?

According to Lego, it certainly seems that way.  Recently, the toy company released a list of their upcoming superhero playsets for 2013, and in that list includes some potentially major spoilers: the sets are Iron Man Extremis, Iron Man Malibu Mansion, Iron Man vs. Mandarin, and Superman Black Zero Escape.

First off—Superman Black Zero Escape.  Black Zero is a Superman villain who, well, basically destroys whole planets.  He previously destroyed Krypton, and arrives on Earth to do the same.  While there’s a chance this playset isn’t related to the film, it would certainly go a long way towards explaining why Snyder has been so hush-hush about Man of Steel’s villains.

As for the Iron Man sets, as /Film puts it, the list “offers more confirmation that Extremis is in the film, that Iron Man fights the Mandarin, and that his mansion is destroyed.”  So, Mandarin and Black Zero–there you have it.

What do you think of the superhero spoiler news?

Source: /Film