Last night, Glee put on another Britney Spears inspired episode. The tone of “Britney 2.0″ was completely different than “Britney/Brittany,” and focused on the singer’s personal life more than her actual music. Unlike the original, this episode was not what everyone was waiting for. Come to think about it, it was completely unnecessary.

The Players:

  • Director: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
  • Writer: Brad Falchuk
  • Cast: Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Jenna Ushkowitz, Mark Salling, Matthew Morrison, Ashley Fink, Chord Overstreet, Harry Shum, Jr., Cheyenne, Darren Criss, Jayma Mays, Jane Lynch, Dean Geyer

Episode Title: “Britney 2.0″

Brittany is depressed, and turns to her idol Britney Spears for inspiration. Rachel continues to struggle adjusting to life at NYADA in New York, but gets help from her new friend and classmate Brody.

The Good:

  • The Chemistry Between Rachel and Brody: The relationship between Rachel and Brody is slowly building. Sparks are flying and tensions are rising. Brody confessed his feelings to Rachel, who told him she’s still in love with Finn. It’s understandable, after all, she was going to marry the man. But Dean Geyer is such a likable and dreamy guy. Glee couldn’t have picked a better actor for Brody.
  • Rachel Gets Sexy: Rachel tries to prove to her dance teacher (still being played by a bitchy Kate Hudson) that she can be sexy. She puts on a little black dress and dances to “Oops!… I Did It Again.” Does she prove to be desirable? Well, the routine doesn’t get it quite right (it’s way too stylized to be hot). But once Rachel goes off on Cassandra July (calling her a “YouTube joke”), she manages to be very sexy. It’s all about the attitude (snap, snap, snap)!
  • Puck Shows Up: Puckerman shows up to straighten out his step-brother (Jake). He’s only at McKinley for a second, but in that brief moment he manages to deliver a witty speech on why he’s the original badass and why it’s not cool to be one anymore. Other than that, it was just nice to see a familiar face.
  • Best Quote: “I’m the original badass. I had my first threesome at seven, and once I beat up a police horse.”

The So-So:

  • Brittany Imitating Britney: Brittany started feeling blue because Sue kicked her off the Cheerios – she’s got bad grades – and Santana doesn’t have time to Skype. She’s also sad about not graduating. So she takes Spears’ troubled past and imitates it. She eats junk. She nearly shaves her head. She attacks McKinley’s gossip blogger and lip-syncs in a 2007 MTV VMA-inspired Britney outfit. Having Brittany hit rock bottom the way her idol did was kind of genius. But it was over too soon. If you’re going to go for something that clever, you have to commit. Brittany’s comeback happened way too fast and lacked inspiration. Quinn’s comeback was a beautiful thing because she fell so hard. Brittany’s felt like a joke. 
  • The Performances: None of the performances last night were memorable. They were too safe. Rachel took some risks during her number, but it still failed to make an impression. Just ask Cassandra July. She’ll tell you.

The Bad:

  • The “Chemistry” Between The New Kids: Oh brother. The Glee writers have decided to make Jake and Marley a couple. And that’s okay, but they have to work on their chemistry because there’s nothing there. We’ve seen sparks fly during a couple’s first duet. We saw it with Quinn and Sam, Rachel and Jesse, and Kurt and Blaine. Three awesome first duets with buckets of chemistry spilling out. Jake and Marley’s first duet failed to be impressive. Frankly, it felt phony. The vocals where great, but the chemistry was lacking. And that’s a huge part of a duet.

The Music:

  • “Hold It Against Me,” Britney Spears – Brittany leads the Cheerios in this upbeat number. There’s good choreography, as there always is in a Brittany S. Pierce performance. 
  • “Boys”/”Boyfriend,” Britney Spears/Justin Bieber – Arty and Blaine sit around and sing together. Not very happening. 
  • “Womanizer,” Britney Spears – Unique, Tina and Marley lead this number. Their womanizer is Jake. The overall performance is busy and energetic, but not very memorable.
  • “3,” Britney Spears More sitting around. Joe, Tina and Sam perform an acoustic version of this song. 
  • “U Drive Me Crazy”/”Crazy,” Britney Spears/Aerosmith – Marley and Jake’s first duet had beautiful vocals, but no spark. 
  • “Oops!… I Did It Again,” Britney SpearsRachel puts together a highly-stylized performance. She’s accompanied by Brody and a bunch of her classmates. It’s very Britney-ish, but it fails to impress her dance teacher.
  • “Gimme More,” Britney Spears – Brittany does Britney at the 2007 MTV VMA’s. The whole performance is a train-wreck.
  • “Everytime,” Britney Spears Marley delivers a decent rendition of “Everything,” but one has to wonder, why is she singing this?


This week’s episode was the Britney Spears tribute no one asked for. It was nowhere near as good as the original. Despite the clever spin of having Brittany pull a Britney, it could have been better done or completely avoided. Thankfully, we still had Rachel and Kurt. And as for Marley and Jake, blah!

Rating: 4/10

Glee airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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