While it leaves out a lot of specificities—will there be a commentary track, will there even be a sliver of deleted scenes, etc—Warner Bros. announced the release date of The Dark Knight Rises’ Blu-Ray and DVD via their YouTube account today.  No press release, no breakdown of special content—just a trailer and a release date.

And that release date is Monday, December 3—a little odd, considering that most film releases are on Tuesdays, and—even if it had to worry about competition—the only other big releases that Tuesday are Blu-Rays for such catalogue titles as Finding Nemo, Up, Catch Me If You Can, Brazil, and Star Trek: The Next Generation season two.  Not exactly stiff competition.  Oh well, perhaps Warner Bros. just wanted an extra day of sales.  Here’s the trailer, which is basically a theatrical trailer with a “buy the Blu-ray” tag at the end:

The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final entry into the Christopher Nolan-directed ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’ of Batman films, and is the second highest grossing film of 2012 (the film has currently made nearly $450 million domestically, and has a grossed over $1 billion worldwide).  In the film, Batman must do battle with plot holes, inconsistent editing, a booming soundtrack, superficial Battle of Algiers references, and dues ex machinas.  Oh, and Catwoman kicks things.

Will you be buying The Dark Knight Rises?

Source: Cinema Blend