First off, the good news:  NBC’s Parks and Recreation returns this Thursday night with the premiere of its fifth season.  The bad news:  Tons of old people have chlamydia.  At least, they do in Pawnee, according to the rather funny Parks and Rec season five trailer that NBC just released (though honestly, so painful are our withdrawal symptoms from this show that a clip of the main cast simply staring at the camera would leave us giggling uncontrollably at this point).

Though none of the upcoming seasons guest stars are seen (Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks, Glenne Headly, Lucy Lawless, and United States Senators Barbara Boxer, John McCain, and Olympia Snowe), the trailer wisely focuses on the comic interplay of the main cast, as well as offering a peak at season five’s storylines: Leslie is adjusting to her new role on the city council, Ben and April work in Washington D.C., Ron Swanson is taking over Leslie’s old duties, and Chris helps Andy train to become a police officer.  Funny stuff:

Parks and Recreation’s season five premier airs Thursday, September 20th, were it will work as a fine comic band-aid to help the sting of watching The Office in its death throes, and Community as it gets hacked to pieces by NBC management.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: /Film