There’s a moment in the Weeds finale where Stevie (now 13) tells his mother, “Your history is very confusing to me.” Indeed, the history of the entire Botwin family (and Doug Wilson) has been very complicated. It’s the main reason we’ve stuck around these dysfunctional characters for as long as we have.

The Players:

Episode Title: “It’s Time”

The Botwins reunite for Stevie’s Bar Mitzvah. Everyone has their own thing going, but Nancy makes one last attempt to reconcile her family.

The Good:

  • The Final Scene: The season ended quietly. Not with a bang but with a smile, and it was beautiful. The fantastic five – Nancy, Andy, Silas, Shane and Doug – came out of “the Jew party”, one by one, and sat together in harmony. They shared a joint and said nothing. With each closeup, we got to see the future in their eyes. They’ll go their separate ways, because they don’t need to depend on each other anymore. As sad as that is, it’s what we hoped for. The episode as a whole wasn’t satisfying, but the final scene was.
  • Silas, The Family Man: It’s nice to see that Silas turned out okay. He’s been one of the biggest casualties in Nancy’s journey to the top. Like he said in a very heartfelt scene, he’s been hurt by Nancy, but doesn’t resent her. He has a family to care for now, and she’s just part of his past.
  • Nancy is Forced To Move On: Nancy and Andy are kindred spirits. Even if they’re not related by blood, they’ve been like siblings. That’s hard to hear since, for so long, we thought they would hook up. After last week’s episode when they did hook up, we thought they’d finally get together. But that didn’t happen, because their relationship is much more than romantic. Andy finally walked away from Nancy and was able to become his own person. Now that he’s gone and all her kids are grown up, she’s forced to do the same.
  • Hilarious Moment: There’s a brief moment when Marvin (yes, Marvin, U-Turn’s sidekick) tries to go into a photobooth, but can’t fit due to his large size. It looks like he regained those 10 pounds.

The So-So:

  • The Time Jump: Weeds is no stranger to the “time jump” strategy. The writers have done it before, and it’s worked okay. But not this time. The Botwins are a family that’s constantly going through things: adventures, life and death situations (whatever you want to call it). So for a show like this to jump eight or so years, from one episode to the next, is a bit infuriating.
  • Old California Faces: As sentimental as it was to see old faces, the whole Agrestic reunion was way too much. It’s hard to believe that Sanjay, Marvin and Dean would fly East for Stevie’s Bar Mitzvah. Why would they go out of their way to attend a party for some kid they never even met? Stevie was never a part of their lives. One can understand why Guillermo was there. He had a special connection to the kid through Esteban. But everyone else was unnecessary.

The Bad:

  • Doug’s Future: There’s reality and then there’s Doug. His life is just ridiculous. Sure, Weeds has never been a show that respects the boundaries of the real world, but when it comes to him, the writers went overboard. Doug has stuck with the Botwins since the beginning. And that made him an honorary member of the family and a main character of the show. But he’s someone we stopped caring about a long time ago. We hoped that would have changed during the seventh and eighth season, but it didn’t. Seeing his son Josh (Justin Chatwin) again was moving, but only because of the scene he shared with Nancy. He called her Miss B, and you can just hear the echoes of the pilot in their conversation. However, when it comes to Doug, we’re not as invested. The writers waited way too long for the father-son reunion.
  • Shane’s Future: Shane was once one of the most exciting and interesting characters this show had to offer. He was always a creepy kid, but he was smarter than most grownups around him. Like Doug, we stopped caring about what he did. He broke away and started doing his own thing. But “his thing” never became anything worthwhile. His role as a police officer could have been used Departed-style, but instead he stayed as a mid-level, drunken and corrupt cop.


The past few seasons of Weeds have been interesting to say the least. The show should be commended for trying to be adventurous. As for the series’ finale, there were some nice moments. The final scene with the family and the references to the pilot, made this episode a lot more enjoyable.

Rating: 6.5/10

What did you think of the Weeds‘ finale?