It’s hard to say if it’s that The Lion King is more beloved, or if it was because it was the newer experience, but Disney has not been able to match The Lion King‘s success with any of its 3D reissues of their more recent “classic” animated films, including this week’s Finding Nemo. And that’s why Resident Evil: Retribution took the top slot. Check out the numbers…

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Resident Evil: Retribution
$21,100,000 $7,005 $21,100,000
2 Finding Nemo $17,504,000 $6,028 $17,504,000
3 The Possession $5,800,000 (-37.8%) $2,028 $41,167,000
4 Lawless $4,219,000 (-29.8%) $1,377 $30,141,000
5 ParaNorman $3,039,000 (-27.6%)
$1,307 $49,336,000
6 The Expendables 2 $3,030,000 (-38.8%) $1,046 $80,290,000
7 The Words $2,880,000 (-39.4%) $1,028 $9,160,000
8 The Bourne Legacy $2,875,000 (-27.6%) $1,325 $107,817,000
9 The Odd Life of Timothy Green $2,511,000 (-31.2%) $1,040 $46,284,000
10 The Campaign $2,405,000 (-28.8%) $1,201 $82,857,000

Everything was slightly lower than expected. The Lion King opened to $30 Million a year ago, while Beauty and the Beast opened to $18 Million earlier this year. This is the lowest gross of the three. It could be that the film isn’t as well loved, or that those who grew up with it aren’t old enough to have kids yet, or it could just be waning interest in Disney’s 3D conversions. If the conversion was done cheap enough, the re-release should still have done enough business to make a profit, so whatever.

Resident Evil: Retribution has already made $50 Million outside of America, but it also opened lower that all of the previous Resident Evil sequels. Which means that it will likely do around $50 Million domestic. But after the last film’s huge global numbers, this franchise is all about how it does around the world, not necessarily America. If we see the film crack a $200-$250 Million worldwide cume, it’s more than likely we’ll see more of these movies. International is definitely helping The Expendables 2, which has made over $200 Million worldwide, which may mean they go back for more.

Otherwise, it’s worth noting that Paranorman didn’t die with another kids film, and will get over $50 Million shortly. It’s going to fall short of Coraline’s $75 Million, but it looks like it will turn a profit. The Possession will get over $50 Million, and outside of the top ten The Master racked up the highest per screen average for a limited release ever, making $730,000 at five locations.

Reality Check: My numbers for The Master and Resident Evil were right on, but I overestimated the appeal of Finding Nemo in 3D.

What did you watch this weekend?