Though we’re wary–but still very excited–for the return of Arrested Development, we can’t help but be impressed with today’s latest casting for the currently shooting Season 4. Terry Crews and Isla Fisher have joined the Bluth family on their latest adventures.

This comes from Zap2it, and they have no idea who the actors are playing. Judging from this casting, Fisher will likely be playing somebody’s love interest. With Crews, it’s harder to say. But that’s one of the great things about Terry Crews. Though he’s obviously in very good shape, he’s been one of the best things in a lot of bad movies, and always delivers something good and/or funny. Even in White Chicks.

Isla Fisher is also a gifted with comedy, and recently appeared in the VOD hit Bachelorette with Lizzy Caplan and Kristen Dunst. Hollywood tried to make her a star with films like Hot Rod and Confessions of a Shopaholic, but she didn’t take. That said, over the last couple years she has had two children (with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen), so it seems that the family life was slightly more important than stardom.

Season Four of Arrested Development is scheduled to hit Netflix in Spring next year, and we’re very excited, though it’s one of those things where either everyone falls back into place, or it feels like a reunion tour. We’re hoping for the former.