Because apparently playing Superman’s foster dad now gives you the superhuman ability to fool investors into giving you a billion dollars to fund your own vanity action franchise that will span across films, live action TV, cartoons, and books, Kevin Costner is planning on doing exactly that.  Yes, that’s right—he’s planning a gargantuan action franchise that will incorporate and be built upon a number of media forms because, hey, the last time anybody shilled out a ton of moolah for Costner projects, we got Waterworld and The Postman.  So this should work out just fine.

Costner is spearheading a project called The Explorer’s Guild, which will concern a globe-trotting adventurer group that will explore the world of “historical myth and mystery.”  The first salvo fired in this multimedia franchise will be a book written with Jon Baird entitled The Explorer’s Guild, Volume One: A Passage to Shambhala, which is set for a 2014 release.  The story revolves around the Guild being set on a journey to find a legendary Buddhist city in the middle of World War I.  That book will be followed by The Explorer’s Guild, Volume Two: Seriously, Have You Become So Isolated By Your Money That You Think Someone Will Fund a Franchise That Sounds Like a PBS After-School Cartoon? in 2015.

Costner would then like to move the franchise into film, which he thinks would be “reminiscent of James Bond” in that it could carry on for many years.  According to The AV Club, he also noted that it is “amazing and someone should vie me a billion dollars for it” (which, of course, no one has yet to do).

What do you think of the Costner news?

Source: The AV Club