Last year You’re Next played both the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest. At the time it didn’t have a distributor, but it played huge at both, and won big at FF, with awards for Best Horror Feature, Best Director (Adam Wingard), Best Screenplay (Simon Barrett), and Best Actress (Sharni Vinson). It was bought by Lionsgate around that time, and a year later it still hasn’t been released. But now Lionsgate has finally dated the picture. It’s hitting theaters August 23, 2013.

This new was broken by Collider, and you might ask yourself: Why August 23? Simple. They just had a modest hit with The Possession, which didn’t have any big names, but came out at the right time, and will make over $40 Million domestically. With a film like this, that would be a big win. And with horror, finding the right slot is often more important than the film itself.

With the cast of people you probably don’t know unless you follow indie cinema (Joe Swanberg and Ti West appear), they needed to find the right off season time to get kids in based on good word of mouth. And the big thing about the movie: It’s really good. It’s scary and invigorating, and a lot of fun to watch. This is also good news because – in the current state of the industry – this could have just as easily been buried or gone direct to video. Now it’s got a great release date.

We think You’re Next is possibly the best horror film of the last ten years, what’s your favorite?