While no one will ever accuse the Transformers franchise of being anything other than filmmaking at its most cynical—a series of films based on a 1980s toy franchise, directed by Michael Bay and slathered with incomprehensible CGI and featuring Shia Labeouf acting like a sweaty horse’s ass, all in an effort to sell toys and back tons of cash—you never actually expect to hear the bigwigs admit to it.  But that changed this week when Hasbro president Brian Goldner announced that the Transformers 4 cast would be retooled, because the last movie didn’t sell enough toys.

That’s right—while Transformers: Dark of the Moon did just fine at the box office, the film’s toy sales were low because the film simply used the same characters from the previous two films.  As such, Goldner, at the UBS Best of Americas 2012 Conference company showcase, announced that once Michael Bay completes Pain and Gain, he will begin production on Transformers 4 with “a greater focus on trying to move action figures based on characters in the movie.”

Goldner went on to note that they will accomplish this by ensuring that Transformers 4 “will have a new cast of [robot] characters and it will be a story revolving around these new characters.”  He then went on to twirl his moustache and cackle while his minions tied LaBeouf to some railroad tracks, while the whistle of an oncoming train howled ominously in the distance.

What do you think of the Transformers 4 news?

Source: Cinema Blend