You’ve got to feel bad for Guillermo del Toro.  It just hasn’t been the director’s year—after having to shelf his long-awaiting At The Mountains of Madness because it shared too many similarities with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, del Toro’s upcoming flick, Pacific Rim, is getting post-converted into 3D by Warner Bros. against the director’s wishes.

The film, which concerns gigantic alien monsters fighting gigantic robots piloted by humans (which sounds insanely silly, but in the hands of del Toro, will likely be amazing) in a bid for dominion of Earth itself, is set to hit theaters on July 12, 2013.  And despite the fact that del Toro stated in July that he did not want the film in 3D (he shot it in 2D, as he felt the creatures and robots were simply too large in scale to be easily translated into 3D), Warner Bros. has made the decision without his support, and is converting the film.

As Variety notes, the studio is likely hedging its bets and insisting on the 3D conversion in order to jack up ticket prices for the film—which will provide an extra boost, especially overseas.  Oh well, at least the 2D version of the film will still exist as an option for the movie-going public, for now (dum dum dummmmm…).

What do you think of the Pacific Rim news?

Source: Variety