In a combination that may result in the most ridiculous film that you’ll see in 2013 (until his other 24 films are released later that year), Nicolas Cage is set to star in a vigilante film, I Am Wrath, which may possibly be directed by William Friedkin (The Exorcist, Killer Joe).  Brace yourselves.

That’s right—it’s time again for another batshit crazy Nic Cage film with a batshit crazy plot featuring a batshit crazy character portrayed by a batshit crazy Nic Cage.  And it may be helmed by William Friedkin, a director unafraid to dive into the most depraved levels of batshittery (this is the man whose latest film, Killer Joe, features a woman being sexually assaulted with, er, a piece Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Deadline reports that Cage will star as “Stanley,” a man whose wife is murdered, leading to his discovery that the police are unable to catch her killer or killers due to police corruption and conspiracy.  Stanley is then driven to seek justice on his own terms, as he become a vigilante “out to destroy those who abuse their power.”

It all sounds like a perfectly reasonable excuse for Nicolas Cage and his stunning array of off-kilter hairpieces to do what they do best—sweat, glower, stutter, shout, and contort themselves for about two hours so that Cage can pay off back taxes.  At least it will be well-directed if Friedkin signs on (probably).

What do you think of the Nic Cage news?

Source: Deadline