Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy directly come to mind when someone mentions dual roles. Viggo Mortensen, not so much. But in his latest film, Everybody Has A Plan, by Argentinean first-time feature writer-director Ana Piterbarg, the serious actor took on two roles and a foreign language. Watch the trailer below.

Everybody Has A Plan is an Argentinean film about a desperate man who takes on his twin brother’s identity after he passes away. He goes back to his home town, a mysterious region of Delta, in the Tigre, where him and his brother lived as children. While there, he finds himself in a lot of trouble and unwillingly involved in the dangerous criminal work that was a part of his brother’s life.

The film is currently playing at TIFF, and there’s already a handful of reviews praising Mortensen for his performance. Twitch reviewed the film and found it fascinating how Mortensen seemed perfectly comfortable speaking Spanish, and stated that he delivers a “strong, nuanced performance.”

Everybody Has A Plan also stars Soledad Villamil, Daniel Fanego, Javier Godino and Sofia Gala Gastaglione.

The trailer below starts off slow and gradually becomes more intense with the action. There’s a lot of bees buzzing around, which means that might be a theme/symbol in the film. Check out the full trailer below.

Everybody Has A Plan doesn’t have a U.S. release date yet.

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Source: ComingSoon