Weeds’ whole season has been leading up to this episode. The one where The Botwins head West, back to their roots to the land of Agrestic aka Regrestic. Nancy and Silas fly home hoping to find old friends to help expand their “legal” business. But coming home is always hard, especially when you’re a Botwin.

The Players:

Episode Title: “God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise”

The Botwins go back to their hometown of Agrestic, now called Regrestic. The bunch runs into old friends, and some aren’t so happy to see them.

The Good:

  • Silas and the Only Girl He Ever Loved: Even though Silas has had his fair share of lovers, he hasn’t had a girlfriend since Megan (Shoshannah Stern). She’s the one he loved so much that he poked a hole in a condom to get her pregnant. Silas finally admits this when he runs into her at a museum in Regrestic. The two catch up and through deep conversation realize they’re still very much in-love. It’s a bit of a stretch to have them reunite just before the show ends, but it’s somehow perfect. Silas has been floating in a sea of questionable decisions this season. This puts him on a good path. Maybe he’ll finally realize that seeds aren’t the most important thing in the world. Also, kudos to Hunter Parrish for delivering an awesome shock face when he first sees Megan.
  • Andy Becomes Fully Aware That Nancy Is Toxic: It looks like Andy will finally be able to tear himself away from the clutches of the devil. After too much alcohol, Andy and Nancy take a walk to the exact place where Judah died. There, Andy tells Nancy how bad she is for him, something he’s said over and over. But the tone of his voice is different and he’s angry and drunk. Nancy sees this and tries to convince him to stay by giving him what he’s always wanted–her. But it isn’t enough because he still leaves. Somehow this is the best thing that he could have done. It’s too soon to tell if his leave if permanent, but seeing him walk away after sex was cruel to Nancy and validating to his character.
  • Agrestic, Now Regrestic, Trip: Romany Malco and Guillermo Díaz reprise their roles as Conrad and Guillermo. And the Botwins also run into some minor characters like Lupita and Pam that make the reunion feel that much more real. All in all, their return was the best part of the episode. 
  • Favorite Quote: “Is there anyone on this planet that this woman hasn’t slept with?” (Silas referring to Nancy.)

The So-So:

  • Nancy Recruits Old Friends: Coming home shouldn’t have been easy for Nancy, and yet it was. The way she effortlessly recruited Conrad and Guillermo into her business. Sure, Guillermo put a gun in her face, but did anyone else feel like he should’ve done more? This is the woman who called him a rat and put him in jail. Nancy pokes fun at his long-lasting grudge, but his hate is justifiable and understandable. Recruiting Conrad was also as easy as pie. The two were good friends back in the day, but there’s bound to be some resentment there. It’s annoying how everything is so easy for Nancy. She should have to endure some struggle, because what she’s tolerated isn’t enough.


Weeds is about to wrap, and this trip down memory lane was exactly what the show needed. It reignited our interest in it. Although some of the reunions felt a bit unrealistic, everything was necessary for the characters to move on.

Rating: 8/10

Weeds airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

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