One of the more annoying trends in movie marketing lately has been the ‘trailer for a trailer,’ in which a film releases a trailer letting you know when the full trailer is coming.  So now, Lincoln has a teaser trailer letting us know the full trailer will be out on Thursday, September 13th.  Great.  Dig the slivers of new Lincoln footage below.

In the trailer, we see the back of Abraham Lincoln’s (Daniel Day Lewis) head as he walks around looking at things, all while an unnamed narrator reads from Lincoln’s historic Gettysburg Address.  Oh, hey, you see some of Lincoln’s beard and nose, too!  So that’s exciting, right?  Also, Lincoln at one point appears to surveying some kind of military camp.  Really, that’s about all there is to this sucker.  Check it out:

So, thanks to this highly informative trailer, we now know that there will be a Google+ Hangout with director Steven Spielberg and co-star Joseph Gordon-LevittIt appears that even a story about the Great Emancipator isn’t immune to crass modern marketing gimmickry.  Oh well.

Lincoln is set for a U.S. release on November 9, 2012 release, with an expanded release on November 16.  OH AND DID WE MENTION THAT TRAILER COMING OUT ON SEPTEMBER 13?

What do you think of the trailer for a trailer?

Source: /Film