There have been rumblings that James Gunn—director of The Specials and the whacked-out superhero film Super—will be taking the helm on Marvel’s upcoming adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy (think the Avengers, but in space, in the future, with a raccoon team member—really).  For those of you who find that a little nerve-wracking, rest easy—Joss Whedon, who is slowly becoming what /Film calls the “a major architect” of Marvel Phase Two (i.e., The Avengers 2, Guardians, the upcoming Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America sequels, etc), has given Gunn’s “twisted take” on the comic a big thumbs up.

Whedon was doing press in Toronto recently when he was asked about Gunn’s involvement in the Guardians of the Galaxy adaptation.  Whedon said that he is a huge fan of gun, and his twisted vision for Guardians.  Dig the video interview, via MTV:

Anyone who has seen Gunn’s Super knows that the director can handle off-kilter superhero material, and Guardians of the Galaxy is certainly that, featuring as it does—again—a raccoon that walks on two feet and carries a machine gun.  So there’s that.

Guardians of the Galaxy is set for an August 1, 2014 release.

What do you think of the Guardians of the Galaxy news?

Source: /Film