After four seasons of will they or won’t they romance, Jane finally seemed ready for her happily ever after on Sunday’s Drop Dead Diva. But what wedding comedy would be complete without a crasher? When an unwelcome visitor comes all the way from heaven, they make quite a splash.

The Players:

  • Director: Michael Grossman
  • Writer: Jeffrey Lippman
  • Cast: Brooke Elliott, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Josh Stamberg

Episode Title: “Jane’s Getting Married”

When it comes to love, this season has been a confusing mess. Jane found happiness with Owen right as Grayson realized he had feelings for her. Then Owen left in a mysterious and douchey manner and things looked up with Grayson. But Owen returned and Jane took him back. For the season finale, it looked like closure was on the horizon. Grayson was basically ignoring Jane as her and Owen were set to exchange “I dos.” You knew a twist had to be coming, right? How about this: Jane kisses Grayson right before walking down the aisle. Owen witnesses it and it KILLS HIM. Oh, and Old Jane’s spirit (the boring fuddy duddy one) slips into his body. Yeah, that’s actually what happens.

The Good:

  • Jane’s Wedding Fever: This isn’t just Jane planning a wedding. It’s Deb planning a wedding and modifying everything for a plus-sized gal. She and Stacey are really hands on without going overboard. But then Jane’s mom shows up with all of the plans REAL Jane had for her big day and everything goes crazy. Naturally, Jane doesn’t want a woman who’s basically a stranger planning the wedding. But she eventually gives in and lets Mrs. Bingham have her day too.
  • Chelsea Kane as Kelly Pickler/Carrie Underwood/Taylor Swift Hybrid: One of the firm’s cases involves a country superstar being charged with soliciting a criminal act. She’s sued after her ex-boyfriend’s brakes are cut, just like in the hit breakup song she wrote about him. Chelsea Kane plays the celeb who looks like Kelly Pickler, has a nasty breakup song like Carrie Underwood (“Before He Cheats”) and has the fame of Taylor Swift. The only thing not great about this story is the judge letting this ludicrous claim go to trial. First amendment anyone?
  • Smart=Crazy?: In the firm’s other case, Grayson represents an old friend who wants legal control over his wife’s medical decisions. He wants to compel her to get a brain surgery that will save her life. The problem? Her afflicting tumor has taken her from dumb blonde to super genius. Jane is fine with letting the woman die young and smart, until she realizes true love conquers all. In the end, the woman realizes the doctor was trying to trick her into an early death to use her as part of his grant research. Therefore, everyone happily agrees to remove the tumor.
  • Kim and Parker: Kim is still pregnant and Luke is still a regrettably stupid angel. When he sees Parker putting together a bike for a 10-year-old, he assumes it’s for the fetus in Kim’s belly. The actual 10-year-old Parker’s spent the first half of the season bringing to the office didn’t cross his mind. Easy mistake, Luke. Once the news is out, Kim denies the baby is Parker’s until he makes a touching speech about family at Jane’s wedding. She’s moved to both tears and the truth.
  • All Hell Breaks Loose: In the most amazing five minutes of Drop Dead Diva ever, Grayson professes his love for Jane, explaining that she’s the only person who can make him feel the way Deb did. They kiss, Owen sees them, and promptly has a heart attack. Then Old Jane comes back to earth and pops right into his body. How did that last part happen? Throughout the episode, we’re treated to flashes of Old Jane up in heaven’s waiting room, watching Deb live her life. And she is not pleased. She demands to return and is directed to find Fred. Fred, it turns out, is sitting at a desk in the middle of a bunch of white space being heaven’s bureaucrat. Jane figures out that all you need to do is hit the return button. Why does heaven still HAVE that button? Fred gets another black mark on his permanent record.

The Bad:

  • Luke: Luke continues to be annoyingly dim. At least Fred was adorably dim.


Best. Episode. Ever. This was exactly the wacky, surrealist turn the show needed to set us up for an amazing fifth season. It’ll be sad to see Owen go, but to see Jane in his body will be a treat. How will new Jane feel about killing Owen? How will she react to how much Old Jane’s hatred. Will she even have time to think about Grayson with all of this going on? Come on, summer 2013!

Rating: 10/10

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime


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