The Possession stayed on top for the second weekend in a row for one good reason: There was little competition. With only The Words to face, Possession dropped less than 50%, which – for a horror film – is a miracle. Things should heat up next weekend, but right now it’s snoresville. This is the lowest grossing weekend of 2012. And this looks to be the lowest grossing top 10 since 2003, and if the numbers don’t change, the lowest grossing weekend of the last ten years (you have to go back to 2000 to find slower weekends).

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Possession
$9,500,000 (-46.4%) $3,352 $33,349,000
2 Lawless $6,002,000 (-40.0%) $1,913 $23,520,000
3 The Words $5,000,000 $1,457 $5,000,000
4 The Expendables 2 $4,750,000 (-47.4%) $1,446 $75,417,000
5 The Bourne Legacy $4,000,000 (-44.7%)
$1,341 $103,700,000
6 ParaNorman $3,830,000 (-41.7%) $1,343 $45,098,000
7 The Odd Life of Timothy Green $3,650,000 (-41.8%) $1,389 $43,007,000
8 The Campaign $3,530,000 (-38.2%) $1,653 $79,473,000
9 The Dark Knight Rises $3,285,000 (-46.3%) $1,627 $437,849,000
10 2016 Obama’s America $3,281,000 (-41.5) $1,149 $26,088,000

The Possession was well positioned to do well for a horror movie, but these numbers aren’t explosive, so that may keep the series from going to franchise. Next week should hit the film hard (though it probably won’t lose any screens), so another 50% drop means that it will be lucky to tap out at $50 Million.

This is the weekend that The Bourne Legacy crossed $100 Million, though the film was too expensive for that to be a win. This is probably The Dark Knight Rises last weekend in the top ten, but it could conceivably limp to $450 Million domestic. This is a dead weekend, but things should liven up shortly.

Reality Check: I thought that The Words, as the only thing that was new, would win the weekend, and that The Possession would act like a standard horror movie. But I knew the weekend would be terrible, so there’s that.

What did you watch this weekend?