It feels like we should be finally done with all the big casting stories for The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire – or as it is now known The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – but casting news keeps trickling in for the film, which is due to start shooting shortly. The latest is that Jeffrey Wright has joined that cast, and that’s pretty cool.

Wright will be playing Beetee, who – as we’re informed – “earns the nickname ‘Volts’ because of his electronics expertise.”Without getting into spoilers, it looks like he might have a role in the third (and possibly fourth) film as well, so it’s a big series commitment. Wright has had some experience with franchises as he was in the first two Daniel Craig James Bond films, but it looks like he won’t be returning for Skyfall.

Wright is one of those actors who’s so good Hollywood has never figured out exactly what to do with him. Though he established his Broadway credentials in 1994 with a Tony win for Angels in America, it was 1996′s Basquiat that gave him a big showy, leading role, and he followed it with a number of solid turns as one of the leads (like in Ride with the Devil) or support. (SyrianaCatching Fire is a big commercial movie, so he’ll surely be great in the couple minutes he’s on screen.

What’s your favorite Jeffrey Wright performance?