Though she is easily one of the most famous comic superheroes, well, ever, Wonder Woman hasn’t been the luckiest gal in the world when it comes to live action media.  After one campy TV series in the 1970s starring Linda Carter, several attempts have been made to bring Wonder Woman to the big and little screens.  This time the CW is going to take a crack at it, with a Smallville-type origin drama.

Some context: Joss Whedon has previously tried to write and direct a Wonder Woman film, and Joel Silver has also tried to get the project off the ground.  David E. Kelley tried launching a Wonder Woman TV series last year, and even filmed a pilot, but it was never selected to air.  The lady just can’t catch a break.

But now, with comic properties as hot as they’ll likely ever be in Hollywood thanks to a little project called The Avengers, Wonder Woman may indeed be coming to small screen near you.  It seems that the CW and DC Comics have hired Allan Heinberg (The. O.C.; Grey’s Anatomy) to write a pilot for a Wonder Woman TV show, titled Amazon.

According to /Film, Amazon would be in the mold of Smallville and focus on the character in her early years, long before she put on power bracelets, crown and red, white and blue tights.  It makes sense to launch a Wonder Woman project now—with The Avengers making tons of bank and DC Comics gearing up to launch a Justice League franchise (which also features Wonder Woman), if Amazon ever has a shot at making it, it’s now.

What do you think of the Wonder Woman news?

Source: /Film