Though Skyfall doesn’t hit theaters until November 9, it seems the makers of James Bond are quite comfortable with Daniel Craig. So much so that they’ve signed the star to at least two more Bond adventures. And, to be fair, he’s made one pretty great Bond, and one not so great Bond, but was never the problem in either.

This comes from MI6, the official word on all things Bond, and it’s good news. To date there have been twenty-three Bond movies (including the newest) over the last fifty years. Only George Lazenby made one Bond movie (On Her Majesty Secret Service), so with Skyfall, Craig will have made more Bond films than Timothy Dalton, who tapped out at two. Now that he’s signed for five he will pass Pierce Brosnan, who made four.

Though Sean Connery may be the definitive Bond, he’s not the reigning champ for films, though if one counts Never Say Never Again as a Bond movie, he’s tied. Roger Moore made seven Bond Movies, while Connery made six official entries. And while Connery returned for Diamonds are Forever in 1971, that means he played the character over nine years, while Roger Moore held the reigns for twelve. Again, if we’re not counting Never Say Never.

Which means if Craig wants to become the longest and most Bond of them all he has to make at least five more movies over the next seven or more years. But, you know, no pressure.

Who’s your favorite Bond?