Before Labor Day, the deadest weekend of the year to date was the weekend of August 24, when The Expendables 2 was able to stay on top when films like Premium Rush and Hit and Run failed to make an impression. This week is that much deader.

The lowest #1 film gross came in 1997, when Jerry Maguire held the top spot with $5.5 Million in January. But the industry has changed since then, and maximized its dead period with genre films and what amount to B movies.

The reason why this weekend is a dead zone is because, until The Dark Knight Rises and the incident that happened at one of its midnight screenings, Gangster Squad was scheduled to open on Friday, September 7. With that film out of the picture, it’s a wasteland, though things pick up commercially and artistically a week later with the release of a Resident Evil movie and Paul Thomas Anderson‘s latest. So this weekend, it’s all about either playing catch-up, or just not bothering with the theater.

The big new release is The Words, which stars Bradley Cooper (his second in the last month) and it may win the weekend with an under $10 Million total. It all depends how much of a horror drop The Possession takes.

So, numbers:

  1. The Words – $7.5 Million
  2. The Possession – $7.4 Million
  3. Lawless – $4.8 Million
  4. The Expendables 2 - $4 Million
  5. The Bourne Legacy – $3.5 Million

And that’s that.

What are you seeing this weekend?