Hey, gang, guess what happened today: a rumor on the internet—rumors on the internet, can you believe it?!—is going around concerning The Dark Knight Rises’ upcoming Blu-Ray release.  Gasp!  Apparently, it’s entirely possible (and wholly unfounded) that The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray will features a director’s cut with 30 minutes of more footage (but it probably won’t).

So here’s what’s what:

The Dark Knight Rises, at 165 minutes is long.  But, apparently there was a sizeable amount of footage that didn’t make the final cut—such as the Bane origin footage we reported on earlier this summer—that is being prepared for a director’s cut, if you can believe that (we don’t).  The footage concerns Bane’s origins, as well as extra footage of Ra’s Al Ghul.

It’s more than a little doubtful that a director such as Christopher Nolan, who already has final cut, would go on to release a director’s cut (indeed, this would be his first; his home video releases rarely even feature deleted scenes); however, /Film reports that the website Nuke the Fridge has some scoop:

Sources have informed Nuke the Fridge that not only is a Director’s Cut being developed by Warner Bros. for The Dark Knight Rises, but it’s going to include Bane’s origin plus a bit more screentime for Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson) which were omitted from the current theatrical cut of the movie….According to our reliable spies…The new Director’s Cut is said to make the film about thirty minutes longer.

So take all of this with massive, Buick-sized grains of salt—it’s highly unlikely that there will be anything other than the theatrical cut of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray.  But hey, if there is a director’s cut, that’s at least another 30 minutes of you fumbling for your closed captioning button while you try to figure out what Bane is saying.

What do you think of TDKR news?