We’re only a month away from Taken 2 starring Liam Neeson, who returns as his specialist with a specific set of cutlery. Or skills, something like that. Neeson, who’s sixty, joins our list of favorite geriatric butt-kickers with this franchise, and we’re hoping that it delivers the fun and thrills of the first. To get us in the mood, Neeson introduces the new trailer.

The latest trailer reveals little new, other than Neeson’s slightly stilted delivery in the face of talking about twitter hashtags. Yes, the ur-pitchman mentions tweeting about a missing scene, but you’ll have to watch the trailer for the full context. But we get it, they kidnap Neeson and his wife (played by Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters‘s Famke Janssen), and his daughter has to help save them, even if Neeson may be able to do it by himself.

It’s hard to say we have high hopes for the film, we just expect it to deliver a short, compelling narrative and our fourth favorite Jedi putting the hurt to whomever gets in his way. Taken 2 opens October 5, and we hope for the best. It is an action movie directed by someone named Olivier Megaton. Megaton. Think on that.

What are your expectations for Taken 2?