Curious about the new Star Trek sequel? We know we are.  And lucky us, Chris Pine has recently been raving to TotalFilm about the new movie, and apparently it won’t be adhering to the usual sequel pitch of, quote, “like the original, but darker…”  When the magazine suggested that  it might be a bit on the darker side, Pine was quick to dismiss it: “We’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal.”  That’s a good thing, right?

The recent Star Trek and Batman reboots had been compared to each other, mainly because they’ve both been placed in the “successful reboot” box – but that’s where the comparison ends. After all, Bruce Wayne and Captain Kirk live in completely different worlds; as different as darkness and light – and although Star Trek came after Batman Begins, it chose to follow its own path.

Of course, Pine also had plenty to say about what their deal actually is:

“There’s comedy, which I think J.J. does a great job of, but, like the first one, there’s some serious issues being dealt with. And I’d say the threat is even greater in this one.

The force [the Enterprise crew] are met with is much more frightening. It’s relentlessly action-packed and in terms of character development it goes places you’d never expect. The arc is huge for all the characters. It’s a really big story – I can’t hype it enough!”

So, it’s sounding quite promising from Pine. But wait – what of the villains? There have been a few rumors about who Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing, for example, but as we reported back in July, we might just have to wait a bit longer before we know for sure.

Star Trek 2 will be released in theaters May 17 2013.

Are you excited about Star Trek 2