Avatar was one of those “once in a lifetime” moments in cinema. It was a phenomenon in theaters, where it made an unprecedented $2.78 Billion dollars worldwide, and more than $750 Million domestic. At the same time, three years after the 2009 release of the film, it’s hard to say if people are clamoring for more. Though there were jokes about the obsessed fans, the film seemed praised more for its technological advances than the story. Regardless, we’re getting some sequels. But how many?

For now, it seems that James Cameron will begin shooting two sequels back-to-back, according to Jon Landau, Cameron’s producer. Though Cameron mentioned three sequels, Landau spoke to Courier Post Online, and revealed the shooting plans of doing two back to back, but no more for now.

When Cameron made Avatar it was rumored to cost a half a billion dollars. Cameron could get away with that because he was coming off of Titanic, which – until Avatar - was the highest grossing film of all time. Part of that was because Cameron was developing the technology to make the film as he was going along. On some level, shooting two sequels back to back must be a money saving gambit, which is nice of Cameron and company. But now it’s hard to know if Avatar was simply of its moment or if it really did reach mass audiences in such a way that they want to return to Pandora. DVD and Blu-ray sales weren’t phenomenal for the movie, but that’s partly because the film was sold on its 3D. But taking a huge risk is the Cameron way.

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