Sad news to end this Labor Day holiday–actor, voiceover personality and former celebrity bodyguard Michael Clarke Duncan died today in a Los Angeles Hospital.  The star of such films as The Green Mile, Armageddon, Daredevil, and The Whole Nine Yards was 54 years old.

Clark had been convalescing in a Los Angeles hospital since his heart attack on July 13th of this year.  He had remained hospitalized, but removed from the Intensive Care Unit, in August.

According to TMZ, Duncan’s death came very suddenly this morning—his fiancé, two-time The Apprentice cast member Omarosa Manigualt, had briefly left Duncan in his hospital room with her mother, and the physically imposing star had passed away by the time she returned.

TMZ also has a statement from Duncan’s representative, noting that the actor “never fully recovered” from the July heart attack.  The rep also stated that Manigault “is grateful for all of your prayers and asks for privacy at this time. Celebrations of his life, both private and public, will be announced at a later date.”

Prior to becoming a Hollywood actor, Duncan worked as a celebrity bodyguard, protecting such stars as Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, and Notorious B.I.G.

Duncan was famous for his large physique (6’5”, with weight that varied from 270 to 330) and deep voice, which, combined with his screen presence, made him difficult to ignore in such films as The Green Mile (for which he was nominated for an Academy Award), The Whole Nine Yards, Armageddon, Daredevil, Sin City, Planet of the Apes, The Scorpion King, Kung Fu Panda, and more.

What is your favorite Michael Clarke Duncan performance?

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