Unless you haven’t been paying attention, it’s hard not to notice that Joss Whedon has gone from “that guy whose every TV project gets cancelled” to the director of one of the highest-grossing films of all time (The Avengers), and all-around Marvel Studios golden boy.  As such, Marvel has him writing and directing The Avengers 2, develop an ABC TV show that revolves around the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization that appears in all of the modern Marvel films, and allowing him to contribute to just about all upcoming Marvel films.

While it seems that all the work on Whedon’s slate is a daunting task, especially for a guy who was already juggling other, more personal projects on his schedule, the hotshot writer/director seems to be handling it stride.  He recently called the upcoming workload “like a tapas menus of projects that excite me, in addition to the Avengers sequel, which I’m excited for because I’m incredibly excited about the next story that I’m going to tell. For me, it’s a huge win.”

Whedon also discussed that he has “total freedom,” as /Film calls it, to not only develop the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. program, but the other upcoming Marvel films as well:

“It is unbelievably daunting, especially because I don’t want to lose sight of all the other things I have on my docket and in my heart. So, it’s going to be an insane few years, but I feel ready for that. It’s an unholy amount of productivity, but as long as I give it all I can, it’s a good thing. What’s great is that the deal with Marvel is nonspecific, so I will give all I can, but the moment I can’t, I just walk away. The moment I say, “You know, I’d like to help more on this project, but I need this time for The Avengers,” there’s no obligation. It’s not like, “You must spend this amount of time on this movie.” It’s as much as it needs to be.”

Whedon wouldn’t get specific about the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. program, but he did say that it is important “that we know what the show is.  We love what it is.  It came together very organically, so when we went in to pitch, it wasn’t like, ‘we’re trying to find this because you want a TV show,’ it was, ‘check this out.’  And that’s a good way to walk in to a room.”

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Source: /Film