Michael Shannon—if you need someone to play a grim, wild-eyed sociopath, you could do far worse than Shannon.  Such must have been director Ariel Vromen’s thinking when casting Michael Shannon as real-life Mafia button man Richard Kuklinski (who killed 100 targets between 1964 and 1986) in the biopic The Iceman.

Kuklinski was famously brutal and cold-blooded in his killings, and yet, paradoxically, was a devoted husband and father, and was especially sensitive to the plight of women and children (i.e.: he didn’t want to kill ‘em).

Check out the full trailer for The Iceman:

Shannon looks great as always, though the film, as /Film notes, feels more like a retread than anything new, and has been receiving several mixed reviews out of the Venice Film Festival as a result.  Oh, well.  Seeing Michael Shannon kill a ludicrous amount of people should be fun in and of itself—over the last few years, no one has done a better job at playing deeply disturbing nutcases and sociopaths than the hyper-expressive and disquieting Shannon.

The Iceman costars Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, David Schwimmer, Stephen Dorff, and James Franco.  The film does not yet have an American release date.

What do you think of The Iceman trailer?