The end of summer is usually a time where the hit movies have come and gone. Indeed, last weekend saw only one movie do over $10 Million dollars… So for this Labor day weekend, The Avengers is returning to the big screen.

This comes from the film’s Facebook page, and what this also means is that it’s likely The Dark Knight Rises will be leaving a number of its Imax locations at this point. Considering the competition, it’s possible we could see The Avengers crack the top five this weekend, depending on how many locations and screens it gets, and how much of an advertising push the film gets with this reissue. At this point the DVD and Blu-ray is coming out in less than a month (September 25), so this may just be a thing to get geeks back in the theater one last time.

But at this point, the film has won the summer and likely the year. The Avengers has grossed $617 Million, and a one week re-release means that the film can (at best) grab another $3-4 Million, which would push it over $620 Million. But that number is only meaningful in that it’s a round number. Titanic, which was the highest grossing film ever (unadjusted) until Avatar came out, made a little over $600 Million in its initial run, though it’s currently at $658 due to the recent 3D reissue. Avatar is at $760 Million, so there’s no more records The Avengers can break.

Will you go see The Avengers this weekend?