Metal Gear Solid—as far as video game franchises go, the series is about as immersive, intelligent, cinematic, and strange as it gets.  The story of a Rambo-esque military officer of the 1960 named Naked Snake, and the present-day efforts of his son/clone Solid Snake, to rid the world of walking, robotic nuclear launch platforms, the Metal Gear series is an oddball combination of social commentary, meta-commentary about video gaming, tribute to John Carpenter and James Cameron films, as well as simply being as excellent as stealth gaming gets.  And now, it’s getting a movie.

Sony has announced they will be adapting the Metal Gear video game franchise, with Spider-Man producer Avi Arad producing, and Metal Gear series creator and writer/director Hideo Kojima executive producing.

It’s been a long time coming for the series, which was supposed to receive an adaptation in 2007 (with Christian Bale showing interest in playing the lead, Solid Snake), but it eventually fizzled.  However, Sony seems to be serious about the adaptation, which received a grand announcement at a Metal Gear Anniversary shindig held in Tokyo, with /Film noting that banners were on display announcing “Metal Gear Solid Hollywood Movie,” adorned with the Columbia Pictures (a subsidiary of Sony) logo.

No other information—which games will be adapted, who will write/direct/star, etc—has yet been released.

While it seems next to impossible that a film adaptation will be able to capture the scope (as well as the bizarre, self-referential and meta themes) contained within the video game series, we remain cautiously optimistic.

What do you think of a Metal Gear Solid film?

Source: /Film