Christopher Nolan has said he’s done with Batman. He’s been saying it for a while. And even though The Dark Knight Rises is closing in on a Billion dollar worldwide gross, it’s unlikely he’ll be swayed. But it’s not as if he didn’t leave Warner Brothers some options, and those options might be pursued in the Justice League movie.

We must admit, it’s a slow week for news, which may be why this has gained some traction, but Batman-on-Film is reporting that WB wants to use Justice League as their way to relaunch the Bat.

But this news is also very “Water is wet.” It’s impossible to imagine that Batman – in whatever iteration – wouldn’t be a part of the Justice League movie, and that means signing someone up to play Batman. And with that actor under contract, it seems inevitable that by making that casting decision it will translate to more Batman movies. The good news is that having the new actor introduced as part of ensemble not only functions as what television would call a backdoor pilot (starting a show out of existing material), it gives audiences time to accept the new casting without having it rammed in their face.

But, post-TDKR, there’s also the option to cast from within that talent pool, as Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s character was left with some options, and it’s still possible they could get Christian Bale to return, even though he swore he’d only do another Batman movie if Nolan was at the helm. As it’s a comic book movie, they could bring back Jim Carrey‘s Riddler if they wanted to.

Who would you like to see take up the Batmantle?