As the September 25th release date for The Avengers Blu-Ray and DVD looms before us, carrying with it The Avengers’ dominion once again over the wallets of the film-viewing populace, Marvel is continuing to leak deleted and alternate scenes to whet our collective appetites.  One such bonus nugget included on The Avengers Blu-Ray is an alternate opening scene, which takes place after the massive battle at the film’s climax and serves to create a flashback structure to the film.  Rashomon it ain’t, but it’s not bad—check it out below.

The alternate intro, while interesting, doesn’t exactly blend well with the more gee-whiz aspects of the theatrical film—there’s a heavy, vaguely post-9/11 vibe that hangs over the deleted intro, as we take in the damage wrought at the end of the film, as Cobie Smulders’ SHIELD Agent Hill debriefs us on the events of the film, and serves to make The Avengers a flashback film.  Dig it:

It’s a nice bit of stylish business, but it feels like it belongs in a different film than The Avengers.  Perhaps it blends in better with the remaining deleted scenes.  We’ll see when we buy the damn Blu-Ray like everyone else on the planet on September 25th.

What do you think of the clip?

Source: /Film