When it comes to filmmakers collaborating with musicians, you’d be hard pressed to find a less likely combination that Ron Howard and Jay-Z. Howard is known for his likeable persona, and his prestige (read: Oscar Bait) pictures. Hova is known for his 99 problems. But Ron Howard is now scheduled to direct a film covering Jay-Z’s ‘Budweiser Made in America’ Music Festival, because why not?

Howard will film the two day festival, which runs September 1-2, and will feature such musical acts as Pearl Jam, Run-DMC, Drake, Skrillex, Rick Ross, Miike Snow, Odd Future and Janelle Monae, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Actually the combination of Odd Future and Ron Howard is even stranger than Howard working with Jay-Z. This is being produced by Howard and Brian Glazer’s Imagine entertainment, and there are rumors that Beyonce will make an appearance on stage with her husband.

Howard was quoted as saying that the film is “a reflection of the fabric of what it means to be Made in America – what the festival represents, why Jay is doing it and how he relates to each artist.” The article also mentions that though there’s no distributor, we should expect to see the film in 2013. In situations like this it’s really easy to make a joke, but ultimately the reality is stranger and funnier than any joke could be. The music should be great, at least.

What combination would be stranger? George Lucas and Dr. Dre? You tell us…