Michael Fassbender has become a force to be reckoned with since he first grabbed everyone’s attention with his performance in Steve McQueen‘s heralded historical drama Hunger in 2008. Now the highly sought-after actor may join Natalie Portman in Jane Got a Gun. Read on for more.

According to Vulture, the “brooding heartthrob” is currently negotiating to star in writer-director Lynne Ramsay‘s follow-up to the remarkable and haunting We Need to Talk About Kevin.

Jane Got a Gun‘s 2011 Black List-selected screenplay actually wasn’t penned by Ramsay, but by new (and rising) writer Brian Duffield. The film is a western that centers on a woman (Portman) who must defend her farm from a violent gang that has already left her husband full of bullet holes and close to death. Should Fassbender sign on, he’d play the protagonist’s former lover whom she reluctantly calls upon for help.

After Ramsay’s provocative and powerful We Need To Talk About Kevin, featuring quite possibly Tilda Swinton’s best performance yet, it should be interesting to see what she does with Portman and Fassbender; the sexual tension could be rife. If Fassbender does sign onto the project, it could quickly become one of the most anticipated releases of 2014.

Fassbender is now in production on Ridley Scott‘s The Counselor, while Jane Got a Gun is expected to shoot early next year. Let’s hope he’s on board for it.

Are you excited about Jane Got a Gun?